Full Stack


Full Stack

A full stack development professional is the one who is having a sound technical knowledge of each and every aspect of development – front end, back end, various operating systems among other details of the technology. These people are usually termed as “developer generalists”. The significant thing to be noted here is that full stack developer should not be confused with senior developers. The first thing to be learnt in becoming web developer is HTML and CSS. These are the basic building blocks to design and develop websites. After learning the programming languages, learn a database management language such as My SQL/MS SQL. 

Technologies of Full Stack

It is a very popular technology in which is unveiling innovations quite frequently. Every year some new tools and frameworks get released. Understand about various protocols such as HTTP, which facilitates communication between client and server. After strengthening frontend concepts, try gaining a strong foothold in backend languages like Java, PHP, .Net, Angular, Ract.Js etc.] A full stack web application developer must know the architecture of a web application.